Friday, March 25, 2005

symbolic incoherence

So by now we've probably all seen the photos of the Terri Schiavo protesters with tape over their mouths: Image hosted by I'm not going to get into the utter tragedy that is this case. I just want to register my confusion and disappointment at this protest imagery. What is this image supposed to mean?
  1. I am censored by LIFE?
  2. LIFE is the duct-tape of oppression?
  3. Free Terri from LIFE?
Now, if these protesters wore a T-shirt that said LIFE, and then covered their mouths with duct tape on which was scrawled, JUDICIAL TYRANNY, or CULTURE OF DEATH, well, I might disagree but at least it would make sense. See, this peace protester is using the image correctly: Image hosted by I thought these pro-life types were pretty experienced and savvy protesters, but apparently they need an aesthetic advisor. Okay, enough snark for the day.


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