Saturday, January 22, 2005

English Practice

Okay, I probably should have known many of these words. But that's why it's practice... ordure: excrement; or, something morally offensive. [Latin horridus]
"That kind of rig, a man'd die settin' in his own, uh, ordure long before they got around to stretching his neck." - p13, The Confessions of Nat Turner
chattel: An article of moveable personal property (as distinguished from real estate). [Latin capitalis]
"The point is that you are animate chattel and animate chattel is capable of craft and connivery and wily stealth... Because that's how come the law provides that animate chattel like you can be tried for a felony, and that's how come you're goin' to be tried next Sattidy." - pp21-22, The Confessions of Nat Turner
sedulous: persevering, assiduous.
Right now I had this other bitterness to contend with, the knowledge of which for ten weeks I had so sedulously shunned... - p23, The Confessions of Nat Turner
fagot: A bundle of sticks tied together. [Greek phakelos, bundle]
They moved with quick and sprightly motions... piling twigs and sticks and fagots high in their arms against their bodies. - p40, The Confessions of Nat Turner
bruit: a rumor or report; in medicine, an abnormal sounds heard in auscultation [Old French bruir, roar]
"For several years now there has come to my attention wondrous bruit of a remarkable slave, ..., who had so surpassed the paltry condition into which he had been cast by destiny that — mirabile dictu — he could swiftly read from a difficult and abstract work in natural philosophy... - p66, The Confessions of Nat Turner
folderol: Foolishness, nonsense
"I do think Boysie's sermon was most inspiring, don't you, little Miss Peg?" "Oh Mother, it's the same old folderol, every year! Just folderol for the darkies! - p104, The Confessions of Nat Turner
gallus: suspenders.
He blinks steadily, and with his other hand he adjusts one gallus on his shoulder... - p149, The Confessions of Nat Turner
Have a merry snowstorm, everybody.


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