Monday, January 24, 2005

Zombie Watch

David Chalmers has started a blog (via Matthew Yglesias al Alina Stefanescu al Forking Paths). If you're unfamiliar with him, Chalmers is one of two or three people responsible for wresting control of the discussion about consciousness from the epiphenomenalists. I've seen him talk a few times and he's quite engaging, so the blog will be worth following. Apparently these days he's working on something called "two-dimensional modal logic", which according to this book description that Chalmers links to, is part of a movement that
[wishes to] revive descriptivism in the philosophy of language, internalism in the philosophy of mind, and conceptualism in the foundations of modality. ... In the last twenty-five years, this attack on the anti-descriptivist revolution has coalesced around a technical development called two-dimensional modal logic that seeks to reinterpret the Kripkean categories of the necessary aposteriori and the contingent apriori in ways that drain them of their far-reaching philosophical significance.
Well. Glad that's clear. Perhaps when chapter two is finished our philosopher friend can explain?


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