Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Widget-Toot

So thanks to that widget-post below (or actually the alternate here), yours truly found himself mentioned at length in this Boston Globe article condemning Apple for its security slipup. Both the true discoverer of the flaw, Stephan.com, and this elaborator upon its implications are quoted, though despite my protestations, my nom de birth rather than this nom de guerre is used.

Because the universe is propelled by an elaborate irony-generating engine, Apple released a 10.4.1 update addressing the flaw within hours of the publication of the article. (Hmmm, is that really ironic? Perhaps the engine also produces)

It is still my aim to see Mithras himself appear in a major publication, i.e. one that has actual deadlines. I shall not resort to acts of violence or property destruction, fear not.


Blogger agent'E said...

Three cheers for the Mithras-sleuth!

11:04 AM  

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