Sunday, November 21, 2004

box of bones

This is supposed to be a "meaningful thoughts" blog rather than a "I had toast for breakfast" blog, but:

After saying hello to the frogs at the Museum of Natural History, I stopped by the Maxilla and Mandible shop. And lo! what did I find but this Box of Bones, advertised as "ideal for medical students." I am vindicated.

End transmission.


Blogger Matt said...

Fascinating box. It is missing the doily, but I suppose you could put one on yourself.

Before I make any more comments about causes, ownership, or whether I had toast for breakfast, I would like to request a little quid pro quo. I would myself like to be enlightened on a number of computer-scientific topics. I can't really say just which topics those are, since I don't know the slightest bit about the science of computers, so I will leave it to you to choose.


1:51 PM  

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