Thursday, November 11, 2004

Incidentally, I didn't write any of the posts on this blog up to this point; they're just copy-paste jobs in a futile attempt to get a Gmail invite. Well, I eventually got a Gmail account from somebody else, so maybe now I'll actually write this thing, rather than plagiarize it. Or maybe not.


Blogger Matt said...


I was wondering if you knew anyone who could procure for me a box of miniature bones. (I don't mean from them to be procured in any way involving criminal activity; I prefer those given freely by their donor.) I would like them in a large box with a doily, the inside lined with purple velvet and pockets for the bones, each with a small name tag bearing the appropriate latin appellation.

For example, in front of the nose bone, there would be the label "nose" (in latin). And so on.

Perhaps your friends in the "automotive industry" would know where to look.

PS they cannot be rubber bones.

12:58 PM  

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